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as of May 1, 2021, Littleton Claims is re-branding to:

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"Empathy Claims" is the new name and brand of Littleton Claims as of May 1, 2021 to better reflect our mission of Service with Empathy™.

A Littleton Family Company since 1994.

Everything remains the same, other than the public name, brand and URL. Same Littleton family ownership, same company leadership and management, same professional team, same great service.

casino carpeting

Claims Investigation Leads To Full Claim Tender in High Profile Casino Injury Claim

Overview Of Claim
Empathy Claims was hired by the insurance carrier of a carpet servicing and installation company who has their product installed in a well known, high profile casino. A patron of the casino tripped while walking on the carpet and alleged that she had suffered a torn meniscus because of a defect in the carpet. The claimant was holding the insured responsible for her injury, convinced that the carpet was the cause of the accident. The insurance carrier covering the carpet company would need an experienced and knowledgeable adjusting team to investigate the claim and determine if any liability existed.


Independent Liability Claims Adjusters   
In order to determine whether any liability on the part of the insurance carrier existed, Empathy Claims was contacted to complete a comprehensive investigation and review of the facts surrounding the case. Our independent adjusting team promptly began to work with all parties involved in the claim, including the casino’s management team, the claimant patron, attorneys, as well as the insured in order to gather all needed information.


The carpet itself would have to be examined, as well as documentation and contracts between the companies involved.  In addition, other fact gathering strategies would be utilized, including reviewing video surveillance of the incident. Once our adjusters gathered all pertinent information, the investigation could begin to determine liability for this claim.


As a result of the efforts of our highly experienced and knowledgeable claims adjusting team, Empathy Claims was able to successfully determine that the carpet servicing and installation company had no liability in this incident.  


After conducting detailed interviews with all involved parties, our adjusters carefully examined the carpet and determined it to be defect free. In addition, we secured and preserved the carpet as evidence.


The Littleton team also reviewed casino security video that showed partial negligence on the part of the claimant patron. The footage was also able to document that the claimant was able to walk normally and briskly immediately following the incident. These uncovered facts were in complete contrast to the attorney’s claim that the employee had suffered a torn meniscus.


Lastly, the Littleton adjusters were able to document that the casino was responsible for the supervising and laying of the carpet in their facility. In the end, Empathy Claims was able to tender the claim back to the casino.


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Since 1994, Empathy Claims has been committed to helping our insurance company and self funded entity clients with all of their claims adjusting and investigation needs. This case study illustrates the high level of quality adjusting services that we can offer to our insurance carrier clients. Contact us today to learn more about how Empathy Claims can be a strong advocate out in the field for your company’s claim operations.

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