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insurance claim mediation

Insurance Claim Mediation Representative

Empathy Claims is an independent adjusting company that proudly serves the insurance industry. We are well known for our extensive experience and industry knowledge in adjusting claims of all types for insurance companies and self-insured entities all over the U.S. and Canada.  We have a great staff of reliable professionals who can provide your insurance operation with a wide range of services. One of the areas in which our services have been in considerable demand is our attendance at mediations, settlement conferences, or trials. 

Mediation Service

Because we have developed an extensive network of professionals all over the U.S. and Canada, and many other countries, we can arrange to coordinate with your defense counsel to appear with them and represent you at any mediation, settlement conference, or trial. There are several great benefits of utilizing a mediation adjuster to attend your mediation sessions:

  • Save Time & Travel Expense – Traveling to be present at mediations or trials can be extremely time consuming. Taking the time to attend proceedings never fails to take you away from other duties and projects that need your immediate attention. In addition, the cost involved in traveling when reviewed on an annual basis can be a real strain on departmental budgets. For less than the cost of attending these meetings yourself, Empathy Claims can arrange for a highly experienced, professional claims adjuster to be present as a part of your team.  

  • Professional Advocacy -  Having a professional claims adjuster attend a proceeding in tandem with your defense counsel can be a great help in presenting a powerful case for your position. Because our adjusters will be very familiar with the circumstances and facts surrounding the claim dispute at hand, we can play a leading role in making statements, answering questions and working alongside your attorneys to best represent your official stance in the proceedings.  

  • Strengthen The Benefits Of Mediation – There is a trend today in legal proceedings to use mediation instead of going to court for a trial. Mediation can lead to faster agreements, more control, reduced cost and the preservation of relationships. Retaining the services of a professional adjuster does a great deal to boost the benefits of using the mediation system. Having a claims adjuster directly involved during a mediation goes a long way in deepening the impact your insurance company’s position will have on the people involved. This kind of professional resource during a mediation hearing brings an increased level of credibility to the process, as it is obvious to the mediator and all other parties involved that you have come prepared to state your case for resolution. 

Mediation Adjusters

Empathy Claims is known nationally and throughout Canada for our outstanding, independent claims adjusting services and second to none customer service. We greatly value the strong relationships that we have built over the years with the insurance carrier industry. When an insurance company has a matter before a mediator or a court of law, it’s critical to present the strongest case for your position. The highly experienced mediation adjusters at Empathy Claims can make significant contributions toward a favorable outcome in your proceeding, while also saving you time and money.  

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