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Case Studies

Empathy Claims Resolves Commercial Property Claim with Boots on the Ground Inspection, Detailed Reviews, and Effective Communication.

A volunteer fire department in Illinois providing volunteer fire rescue services for a small municipality in Illinois and surrounding farming communities reported an electrical fire to their specialty insurance carrier who provides property and casualty insurance to emergency service organizations throughout the United States. Read more.

Remote Alaska Frozen Pipe Claim Addressed with Prompt Inspection

An insured on a remote island of Alaska discovered that a building was damaged due to a burst, frozen pipe.  Read more.

Significant Bodily Injury Claim Denial Recommended After Investigation Discovers No Insured Liability

An insured contractor covered under a commercial liability policy provides snow and ice removal services during the winter months to a retail store operation.  Read more.

Empathy Claims Resolves Deductible Dispute Through Detailed Investigation & Perseverance

An insured driver who was covered under a commercial inland marine policy was involved in a traffic accident, which caused the company vehicle to overturn.  Read more.

Negligence Ruled Out In Global Manufacturer Product Failure & Defect Liability Claim

Empathy Claims was hired by a well-known insurance carrier to investigate a claim involving their insured, a global manufacturer and distributor of chemical coating products.  Read more.

Prompt Investigation Reveals No Liability In Traffic Accident Wrongful Death Claim

An employee of a major telecommunications company was driving an insured work vehicle when a traffic collision took place that resulted in the death of a passenger that was riding in the other car involved in the accident.  Read more.

Claims Investigation Leads To Full Claim Tender in High Profile Casino Injury Claim

Empathy Claims was hired by the insurance carrier of a carpet servicing and installation company who has their product installed in a well known, high profile casino.  Read more.

Haiti Fire Loss and Cause & Origin Investigation

Our field adjuster and fire expert traveled to the loss location in Haiti for a joint inspection and full handling of a fire loss claimed to put the insured and their tenant claimant out of business. Read more.

Impassable, Snow-Covered Mountain Road Appraisal

Empathy Claims handled an auto appraisal in which the insured vehicle had turned over on an impassable, snow-covered road on a mountain. Read more.

Multi-Million Dollar Loss Claim on a Hydro Dam Construction

A large multi-billion dollar Hydro dam was being constructed in an extremely rural area of a Canadian Province. Read more.

Witness Statement Mitigates Liability Exposure​

We completed a claim investigation regarding a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and our client’s driver in a company tractor trailer. Read more.

Mitigated Losses on a 30-Story Water Claim

We received notice from our client, a large fire suppression sprinkler installation company, of a 30-story water loss allegedly caused by a burst pipe in a sprinkler system. Read more.

Surveillance Confirms Exaggerated Injury Claim

A claimant involved in an auto accident with an insured claimed a soft tissue injury and was out of work due to pain. Read more.

No Liability on Multiple Slip and Fall Claims

We handled multiple slip & fall claims for an insurance company who insures a large commercial high-rise building. Read more.

Efficient Claim Settlement over Mexican Border

A US-citizen insured caused damage to a building and contents while briefly in Mexico and was held responsible by the claimants for obtaining a repair estimate and to buy and deliver replacements for all damaged items. Read more.

Proved no Liability in Fatal Auto Incident

An insured truck driver was involved in an accident with an auto on a rural country road. Read more.

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