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Witness Statement Mitigates Liability Exposure

We completed a claim investigation regarding a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and our client’s driver in a company tractor trailer. We assisted our client and their defense attorney to identify several witnesses. From one detailed witness statement we were able to determine that the motorcyclist was driving recklessly trying to make an exit and that there was in fact no contact between our client’s tractor trailer and the motorcycle, even though other witnesses had indicated there had been. Through detailed statements from each of the various witnesses, we were able to determine the position of each witness in respect to the incident and were able to determine that the witness who saw no contact between the vehicles did in fact have the best view of the incident and was the closest vehicle to the accident. This witness was nearly a victim as well due to the careless driving of the motorcyclist. By obtaining this detailed witness statement we were able to obtain information that significantly mitigated our client’s liability exposure if not eliminated it completely.

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