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Rapid Response Truck Accident Adjuster

Rapid Response Services For Insurance Companies

When an accident involving vehicles, injury, cargo or property occurs, it is very important for an insurance company to capture the facts surrounding the case immediately. In addition, it’s critical that documentation is accurate, evidence is protected and information is gathered properly. Since 1994, the dedicated professionals at Empathy Claims have been providing the best transportation claim, rapid response services in the industry.  
Our team of independent adjusters are highly experienced at investigating accidents right after they happen, to ensure that highly valuable information is not lost to time or gathered inaccurately. By partnering with Empathy Claims, we will help your insurance company control costs and determine liability of all parties involved. We have experienced claims supervisors and a vast national network of highly qualified adjusters and appraisers who can respond promptly anywhere a need arises.

Transportation Claim Rapid Response Team Services For Insurance Carriers  

We are proud to offer the following rapid response services to insurance companies.
  • Detailed interview of insured driver (not recorded if preferred).
  • Recorded statements of other drivers, passengers and witnesses.
  • Driver drug testing upon request.
  • Photography of evidence and scene of accident.
  • Creation of scene diagrams.
  • Accident scene canvass, as needed.
  • Manage the injury claims of all claimant drivers and passengers.
  • Damage appraisals and photos of vehicles and/or property
  • Interview police officers and work with medical examiner/first responders as needed.
  • Obtain available video surveillance footage of incident.
  • Conduct media search for print or video coverage. 
  • Scope and control property losses.  

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Through our widespread, national network of adjusters and investigators, we are usually able to respond more quickly to an accident scene than anyone, including an insurance company’s internal staff. Contact us today to learn more about why Empathy Claims has been the trusted partner Since 1994 for insurance carriers who need immediate support for transportation losses. 


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