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Prompt Investigation Reveals No Liability In Traffic Accident Wrongful Death Claim

Overview Of Claim  
An employee of a major telecommunications company was driving an insured work vehicle when a traffic collision took place that resulted in the death of a passenger that was riding in the other car involved in the accident. The telecommunications company and their driver were accused of being responsible for the fatal collision. The insurance carrier that issued the commercial auto policy to the company and the legal counsel representing them needed to secure the services of an experienced independent claims adjusting firm to investigate the incident and determine if any liability existed on the part of the insured company.

Independent Liability Claims Adjusters
The law firm that the insurance company retained hired Empathy Claims to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the accident and to evaluate all of the facts surrounding the incident in which a fatality had occurred. Empathy Claims’s independent adjusting team promptly began the investigation process by contacting the local police that handled the accident, arranging to interview witnesses, in addition to both the insured employee and the driver of the other vehicle.  The claim investigation also included obtaining traffic signal data, as well as a search for any possible video footage of the accident that existed.  

Claims Investigation Results
As a result of the claims investigation conducted by the highly experienced and knowledgeable independent adjusters at Empathy Claims, it was determined that the insured telecommunications vehicle and the employee involved in the incident were not liable for the death of the passenger in the other car. During the claims adjusting process, detailed evidence was produced that clearly showed that not only was the insured party not responsible for the collision, but also that the driver of the company vehicle had done everything reasonably possible to avoid the accident. 

This conclusion was drawn from a variety of sources, including Empathy Claims’ extensive interviewing process with both drivers, law enforcement officials, and witnesses who were present at the time of the event. In addition, an analysis of traffic signal data showed that the driver of the insured vehicle was obeying all traffic laws at the time of the collision. Lastly, as a result of an expanded search radius of the accident location, video footage of the incident was discovered that provided evidence that the driver of telecommunications vehicle made obvious efforts to avoid the collision.

Independent Accident Claims Adjusters
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Since 1994, Empathy Claims has been committed to helping our insurance company and self funded entity clients with all of their claims adjusting and investigation needs. This case study illustrates the high level of quality adjusting services that we can offer to our insurance carrier clients and their legal representatives.  Contact us today to learn more about how Empathy Claims can be a strong advocate out in the field for your company’s claim operations.

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