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Contacting Claimants and Insureds through Service with Empathy™

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Have you ever tried to contact a claimant or an insured who just will not call you back?

Allow us to assist you!

At Empathy Claims, we understand the challenges of working with claimants or insureds who may not be willing to cooperate or are so unfamiliar with the claims process that they do not return your call when you try to contact them.

We can help!

This is how:

  1. By making immediate contact with the claimant or insured as soon as we receive the assignment from your office.
  2. Clearly explaining the parties involved and the process.
  3. Listening to their concerns and clarifying for them what information we are seeking and why.
  4. Communicating with empathy for their situation, while still obtaining the facts needed for your investigation.
  5. Following up with the individual should further information is needed.

Independent Adjusting Firm for Insurance Companies & Self-Funded Entities

Empathy Claims is in the business of solving your problems and proposing solutions to obstacles that you may encounter during the claims adjusting process. 

When you have limited contact information for a claimant or insured:

  1. We can persist in phone call and email outreach to the person we are trying to reach.  
  2. We can send contact request letters to the last known address of the individual.
  3. We can conduct cold calls to that address to verify the individual’s residence.
  4. We can conduct a background check in order to obtain updated contact information for that person. 
  5. We can proceed in many other creative ways to establish contact. 

Empathy Claims consistently implements effective solutions while keeping you informed of our efforts.

We often succeed in contacting these individuals and do so in a way that leaves even the claimant or insured happy.

Here’s an example.

We recently contacted a claimant who suffered an injury while exiting a train. Familiar with the claims process from a previously negative experience, the claimant had a panic attack upon being contacted by us.

Upon initial contact, the claimant was wary of our communication and handling of the claim and showed signs of being unwilling to cooperate.  We proceeded to address the claimant’s concerns and educate them about the information we were seeking.

Our team ultimately succeeded in alleviating the person’s concerns and we were able to successfully obtain the information needed to process the claim properly.

The claimant was deeply grateful for the way that Empathy Claims worked with them and exclaimed: “You are the nicest people in the world.”

Independent Claims Adjusting Company

This is just one example of how we proceed in service with empathy in our work as independent multi-line property and casualty insurance adjusters.

Empathy Claims is committed to ensuring that this spirit of service with empathy is practiced in all of our business activities.  

Every day we work diligently, always striving for excellence both in the frequency of our communication with claimants, as well as the way we manage the entire adjusting process.  

Service with Empathy™

If you would like to learn more about why so many insurance companies and self-funded entities have chosen Empathy Claims to be their long term, independent claims adjusting partner, contact us today.  

Any new assignments can be sent to or submitted through our “Submit Assignment Nationwide” form, accessible from any page of our website.


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