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Independent Adjuster Firms: The Solution To Claims Overflow

independent adjuster firm

Claims adjusting is a critical component of every insurance carrier’s operation, as these important duties represent the foundation of the contract between the insurance company and their customers when a claim has been made. While many insurers over the years have had their own internal claim departments, there has also been a real need in the industry for highly qualified, independent insurance adjusting companies to assist carriers when they are faced with a claims overflow situation. There are many benefits to partnering with a reliable and experienced independent adjusting firm like the professionals at Empathy Claims Service.

Cost Savings

There can be great cost savings gained by outsourcing excess adjusting work to a knowledgeable, independent adjuster firm. When an insurance carrier adds to their staff in order to manage higher claim volumes, there are significant costs associated with such a decision. In addition to having to pay a market competitive salary, additional costs such as benefits, workers compensation and PTO can really add up over time. Working with an excellent independent adjusting firm not only avoids the costs of new hires, but it also gives insurance companies access to the skills of outstanding claim professionals.

Greater Productivity

Another disadvantage of hiring new people for a claims department is the time it takes to train and mentor employees. More experienced team members who are asked to mentor are often taken away from their own job duties, which further slows the claims adjusting process. Working with a high quality, independent claims adjusting firm will immediately increase the productivity of a carrier’s claims department. Having instant access to seasoned adjusters is the solution to resolving the problem of a back-logged claims inventory.

Diverse Knowledge Base

Insurance companies who sell a variety of policies need claim adjusters who have a strong knowledge in various fields and industries. It’s not always possible to have an internal staff member available who is skilled in adjusting losses for specific claims. By partnering with an independent adjusting firm, insurance carriers can utilize knowledgeable professionals who have a vast amount of experience in many different areas of insurance coverage. When a claim adjusting project needs a person with a certain skill set or specialized knowledge, having access to a wide variety of top quality professionals can be extremely valuable in the insurance world. 

Location Advantages

Insurance carriers today have customers around the country and sometimes across the globe. It is not possible even for the largest insurers to have claims adjusters everywhere in which a company conducts business. Another great advantage of working with an independent claims adjuster firm like Empathy Claims is that they can utilize a network of professionals in every state, as well as various foreign countries.

By partnering with an independent insurance adjusting company, carriers can be assured that the staff assigned to their claim is well versed in that field. The adjusting process is a critical part of determining a fair claim settlement for both the customer and the insurance company. Having access to an independent claims adjusting firm anywhere in the country or on foreign soil plays an important part in resolving claim overflow issues.

Why Partner With Independent Adjuster Firms? 

There are many advantages to partnering with an independent insurance adjusting company during times of claim backlog or whenever a carrier is looking for an efficient and cost effective way to process their claims. Empathy Claims has decades of experience adjusting claims in a wide variety of fields. Visit us here to learn more. 


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