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We are happy to inform you that
as of May 1, 2021, Littleton Claims is re-branding to:

Empathy Claims — Service with Empathy™

"Empathy Claims" is the new name and brand of Littleton Claims as of May 1, 2021 to better reflect our mission of Service with Empathy™.

A Littleton Family Company since 1994.

Everything remains the same, other than the public name, brand and URL. Same Littleton family ownership, same company leadership and management, same professional team, same great service.

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What is An Independent Loss Adjuster & How Can They Help?

Independent Loss Adjuster Empathy Claims

The Independent Loss Adjuster  

An independent loss or claims adjuster is a highly trained insurance professional whose primary role is to represent insurance companies by determining the financial loss a customer has suffered after a claim has been filed. The history of loss adjusting can be traced back to the 17th century following the Great Fire of London, when many property owners took substantial losses as a result of the catastrophic event.  

Today, independent loss adjusters still play an extremely important role in the relationship between the insurance company and the policyholder. Since one of the fundamental objectives of an insurance contract is for the insured to be made whole in the event of a covered peril or defended in the event of a claim from a third-party against the insured. Obtaining the services of a knowledgeable and experienced claims adjuster ensures that the insurance carrier mitigates any potential additional costs.      

The Duties Of An Independent Loss Adjuster  

The responsibilities of an independent loss adjuster are very diversified and can extend into many areas. 

Generally speaking, the duties of a loss adjuster include the following:

  • Determine if the loss is covered under the insurance contract. 
  • Asses the exact nature of a loss and determine responsible parties. 
  • Investigate a claim by reviewing records, police reports and interviewing people involved, including witnesses. 
  • Create a loss report outlining specific damages found and the financial loss suffered by an insured or 3rd party.
  • Negotiate with contractors, repair shops and other restoration professionals. 
  • Reach a fair financial settlement for all parties to the insurance contract.    

How Can Independent Loss Adjusters Help? 

There are many benefits to an insurance company working with an independent loss adjusting firm, including:

Reduced Expenses 

By contracting with an independent loss adjuster, insurance carriers can achieve notable cost savings in payroll, workers’ compensation costs, benefit expenditures, and paid time off (PTO). In addition, unlike an insurance company hiring new employees that must be trained, independent loss adjusting companies provide insurers the benefit of highly trained and knowledgeable professionals instantaneously.      

Wide Range Of Experience & Knowledge 

Sometimes nobody is available from the insurer to handle a particular type of claim. By working with an independent loss adjuster, insurers have access to a team of claims professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. 


Insurance carriers today have customers across the nation and often times around the globe. For many companies, it’s not possible to have a loss adjuster everywhere business is done. Another significant benefit that independent loss adjusters can bring to an insurance carrier’s claim operation is access to numerous highly skilled and experienced professionals in many different locations. By utilizing a reputable, independent loss adjusting firm, insurance companies can utilize the talents of some of the best adjusters in the industry, wherever a claim happens to take place. 

Empathy Claims Can Help

Empathy Claims in an independent loss adjusting organization with decades of experience and knowledge in the claims arena. With the highest level of promptness, efficiency and outstanding customer service, we have helped many insurance carriers get their claims adjusted in various locations around the globe. Contact us here to learn how we can put our staff of dedicated professionals to work for you. 


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