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What To Look For In An Independent Workers Comp Claims Adjuster


Workers compensation laws have been on the books in a majority of states for nearly 100 years. These statutes were designed to cover the cost of medical treatment and lost wages for employees involved in work related illnesses or accidents. According to recent statistics gathered by the Social Security Administration, nearly 130 million employees are covered under work comp laws in the United States. In addition, the amount of lost payroll paid to injured or sick workers is well into the trillions of dollars on an annual basis.

Since a large majority of workers comp claims are funded either through employer paid contracts with insurance carriers or via self funding, it is vitally important that these organizations have highly experienced and knowledgeable claim adjusters representing them. This is especially true when work comp cases involving abuse, fraud or waste arise.

Most insurance companies and administrators of self-insured entities have in house claims adjusters on staff, but due to heavy workloads or geographic restraints, there can come a time when utilizing the services of a professional, independent claims adjuster can be very beneficial.

Here are some good tips for insurance carriers on what to look for when it comes to hiring an independent, work comp claims adjusting company.

Rapid Response

Because of the sensitive nature of many workers comp claims, it is important that an adjuster act swiftly to begin the claims management process. The sooner interviews can be conducted with employers, workers and other involved parties, the more accurate the fact finding process regarding the case will be.

Assessing Benefit Payments

Another crucial role of an independent, work comp adjuster is the ability to assess the amount a claimant should be compensated during the time that they are unable to work. In addition, the adjusting professional needs to be proficient at evaluating medical bill payments, as well as determining whether the work comp claim should be subrogated against another responsible party.

National Presence

Because insurance carriers often have customers or claimants located all across the country, partnering with an independent work comp adjusting firm with a national network of adjusters can be very beneficial when company employees are not in the area.

Additional Network Of Support Professionals

In addition to the work comp adjuster, it is critical to learn more about what other professional staffing resources an independent claims adjusting firm can bring to your team.

Here are some of the support service roles that should be in place to complement the efforts of a work comp adjuster.

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