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When to Use Claims Management Services

claims management services

When to Use Claims Management Services 

Many insurance companies have in house claims management departments that handle the adjusting needs of their policyholders after a loss has occurred. These employees might work in the company’s headquarters or be assigned to other office locations throughout the country. 

Because insurers have customers throughout the United States and in some cases across the globe, it’s not always possible for an insurance company’s adjusting staff to physically travel to the location in which a claim has happened. Claims management companies can be a real help when it comes to meeting the needs of insureds who may be more difficult to reach. 

Here are some great tips on when it would be beneficial to secure the services of an independent claims adjusting organization. 

Claims Management Overflow  

There are times when an insurance carrier’s internal claims staff become inundated with work, particularly after a natural disaster or any other time when there is a back log of claims that need to be adjusted. Insurance companies have always been very dedicated to providing the best customer service possible to insureds after they have filed a claim. Instead of continually battling a growing backlog of losses that need to be adjusted, many insurers will call in the services of claims management firm to help process claim assignments. Hiring a team of independent adjusters can play a key role in reducing claims overflow and making overall claims management much more efficient.  

Distant Location

It’s not always financially feasible for an in house claims adjuster to travel to distant places when an insured has had a loss and there are no local representatives in the area. Claims management firms have large networks of highly qualified and experienced professionals located across the world. Instead of taking up the valuable time of a carrier’s claim employees with extensive travelling, many insurers will choose to outsource long distance adjusting assignments to an independent claims adjuster. With this strategy, claims get processed more quickly and efficiently from a business expense perspective. 

Accessing The Resources Of Highly Experienced Professionals   

Some insurance carriers sell many different kinds of policies and oftentimes these coverages are complex in their makeup.  It’s sometimes not possible to have insurance company employees who are highly experienced with the claims management of every type of policy that is offered by the insurer. When an insurance carrier partners with an independent claims adjusting firm, it gains immediate access to a wide variety of very skilled adjusters who have years of experience in many different kinds of coverages. Utilizing the resources of an independent adjusting company is a very economical way of adding depth to a carrier’s claim management team.  

Empathy Claims Can Help

Empathy Claims has a large team of dedicated professionals with years of experiences in a variety of fields. Our adjusters service cities all over the United States, as well as overseas. For decades, Empathy Claims has provided the insurance industry with the highest quality claims management services in the industry, while we are well known for our second to none customer service. Contact us here to learn more about the many more reasons your firm could benefit from partnering with us. 


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